After each competition, our scores are recorded on HandicapMaster, a leader in golf administration software. Our EGA edition uses the recognised handicapping system for golf clubs in Europe. The results are calculated and any handicap adjustments made. The results are then published to the masterscoreboard web site so that we can all see up to date competition results, current handicaps and handicap movements. 

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Handicap Committee
Our Handicap Committee is responsible for ensuring that EGA Handicaps are maintained in accordance with the procedures laid down in the EGA Handicap System 2016-2019.  It is also responsible for the proper application of all of the clauses of that System and, in particular, the handicap review.  The Committee is also able to make General Play adjustments to handicaps, between handicap reviews, if deemed appropriate.

​Whilst the committee has rights and obligations under the System, so too has each player. Players' rights and obligations are contained in Part 3.5 of the Manual.  We would recommend that players familiarise themselves with these.  To assist, we have provided a link to the EGA Manual below. 
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